Our College and Career Pathways researcher team, within SRI’s Education Division, includes staff with diverse and broad experiences.


Andrea Venezia photo

Andrea Venezia, Ph.D., is a Senior Principal Research Scientist and Director of College and Career Pathways Research at SRI International. Her work focuses on improving student readiness for, and success in, some form of postsecondary education and training, particularly for historically minoritized students. Read more.

Miya Warner photo

Miya Warner, Ph.D., evaluates the effects of education policies and reforms on student learning and educational equity. She is dedicated to understanding the causes and contexts of the current racial and socioeconomic disparities in educational outcomes and to assessing potential policy solutions. Read more.

Kyra Caspary photo

Kyra Caspary, Ph.D., researches the education pathways that support youth in realizing their career and life goals. Her areas of expertise include college and career pathways that integrate academic preparation with career technical education, STEM preparation and pathways, and development of the skills and dispositions youth need transition successfully to the workforce and postsecondary education. Read more.

Lauren Cassidy photo

Lauren Cassidy leads mixed methods studies of programs to improve teacher preparation and quality and college and career readiness initiatives. She has expertise in qualitative data collection and analysis and writing for diverse audiences. Read more.

CJ Park photo

CJ Park works on a variety of national, state, and local research and evaluation projects to determine how education policies and programs can improve the academic and life outcomes of children and young adults. Recent projects have addressed teacher professional development and learning, high school reform, career technical education, and college and career readiness. Read more.

CCP Researchers

Andrea Beesley photo

Andrea Beesley, Ph.D., has expertise in conducting research and evaluation in education, as well as designing and developing instructional programs. She focuses on social-emotional aspects of learning, STEM learning, educator effectiveness, and rural education. Read more.

Satadbi Basu photo

Satadbi Basu, Ph.D., conducts research in computer science education that spans the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of curricula, learning environments, assessments, and teacher professional development that foster computational competencies for K–12 students and teachers. Read more.

Candice Benge photo

Candice Benge is a mixed-methods researcher with expertise in school finance, California education policy, and educational equity. She is skilled at project management, instrument development, collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, and communicating research findings. Read more.

Ron Fried photo

Ron Fried is a senior instructional designer and education researcher in SRI Education. His focus is on the areas of science education, assessment, evaluation, curriculum design, digital and online learning, and video technology. Read more.

Rebecca Griffiths photo

Rebecca Griffiths, Ph.D., specializes in blending qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of technology-enhanced instruction in K-12 and postsecondary education. She also examines organizational and systemic facilitators and obstacles to adoption of digital learning. Read more.

Julie Harris photo

Julie Harris, Ph.D., is a quantitative researcher who specializes in policy and program evaluations. Her primary areas of interest are college and career transitions, school choice, English learners, and educational equity. Harris has more than 10 years of experience using longitudinal student data sets, designing and implementing quantitative analyses, and collecting qualitative data. Read more.

Cris Jimenez photo

Cris Jimenez is and education research assistant at SRI. Read more.

Ela Joshi

Ela Joshi, Ph.D., is a mixed-methods researcher whose work examines how people interact with and within organizations. She is particularly interested in programs enhancing teacher effectiveness and teacher leadership as well as school reform efforts improving equity and access for students from socially significant populations. Read more.

Hannah Kelly

Hannah Kelly is an education research associate who works on a variety of projects in early learning, college and career pathways, language and literacy development, and teaching quality. Read more.

Jessica Mislevy photo

Jessica Mislevy, Ph.D., directs SRI’s Digital Learning & Technology Policy program, in which she studies highly innovative teaching and learning approaches that use advanced technology in the STEM disciplines. Read more.

Maricela Morales photo

Maricela Morales is an Education Research Associate at SRI International. Read more.

Lynn Newmann photo

Lynn Newmann, Ed.D., has more than 30 years of experience in education and social science research in the disability policy and human services fields. She is expert in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and large-scale, multifaceted longitudinal studies. Read more.

Caroline E. Parker photo

Caroline E. Parker, Ed.D., leads research to improve learning for culturally and linguistically diverse students, with a particular interest in how language learning intersects with disabilities. She has worked for more than 20 years with states and districts to improve programs for diverse learners. Read more.

Aliya Pilchen photo

Aliya Pilchen, Ed.M., participates in a range of projects on K–16 education reform, teacher preparation and professional development, and college and career pathways. Her responsibilities include project management, background research, collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, and contributing to written reports for clients. Read more.

Sara Rutherford-Quach photo

Sara Rutherford-Quach, Ph.D., a senior education researcher, specializes in language and literacy instruction, particularly in the elementary grades and with respect to linguistically diverse populations, as well as teacher preparation and online professional development. Read more.

Jenna Rush photo

Jenna Rush has conducted policy and data analyses on an array of education topics, among them teacher quality, school climate, school and district accountability and improvement, college and career readiness, and evaluation and compensation. Read more.

Rebecca Schmidt photo

Rebecca Schmidt, Ph.D., has expertise in research design, including randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental designs, and descriptive studies. Her research interests are at-risk, minority, and rural populations; inequality in educational experiences; and teacher quality. Read more.

Stephanie Suarez photo

Stephanie Suarez is an experienced education professional with a demonstrated history of working in the nonprofit, college access, and research industries across the country. Read more.

Carol Tate photo

Carol Tate, Ph.D., specializes in design, research, and evaluation projects with a focus on improving teaching quality in STEM fields. Her expertise is in instrument development, qualitative data collection, analysis, and reporting. Read more.

Krystal Thomas photo

Krystal Thomas, Ph.D., studies the ways that racial and ethnic identity relate to student engagement and learning and how teaching practices, teacher beliefs and curricula that can affect students’ sense of self. Read more.

Keena Walters photo

Keena Walters, an equity-focused qualitative researcher in education, supports SRI Education research and technical assistance projects. Read more.

Haiwen Wang photo

Haiwen Wang, Ph.D., has extensive experience designing and executing experimental and quasi-experimental studies for impact evaluation in education. Read more.

Louise Yarnall photo

Louise Yarnall, Ph.D., studies ways to help educators and employers prepare learners for careers. Yarnall has evaluated the efficacy of adaptive learning products, expanded innovative teaching among community college workforce instructors, and helped to design new learning methods using mobile, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence technologies. Read more.

Kaily Yee photo

Kaily Yee is a research analyst with experience in both qualitative and quantitative research on K–12 school reform, teacher development, and innovative policies and practices that support student learning. Read more.

Jennifer Yu photo

Jennifer Yu, Sc.D., specializes in the development, implementation, and evaluation of education and health-related supports and services for individuals with disabilities, with a focus on technologies and programs that improve the learning and quality of life for people with autism, learning disabilities, and mental/behavioral health issues. Read more.