Los Angeles City College’s STEM Pathways Program: Participation and Impact

Los Angeles City College launched the STEM Pathways program in 2016 to improve STEM degree completion and transfer to 4-year colleges, particularly for low-income and Latinx students. With funding from the U.S. Department of Education, the program offered a variety of supports including Supplemental Instruction (SI), peer tutoring in STEM, a book and technology loan program, specialized counseling, a math boot camp, and an undergraduate research experience. This report presents findings from three quasi-experimental studies estimating the impacts of program participation overall as well as STEM Learning Center participation and SI participation specifically on STEM course success and continuation in STEM. SRI found positive and statistically significant results for continuation in STEM and STEM course success.

Project: Evaluation of LA City College’s STEM Pathways Program



Caspary, K. and Sosina, V. (2021). Los Angeles City College’s STEM Pathways program: Participation and impact. SRI International.