Study of the Engage New England Initiative Cross-Site Learning Brief 1: Learnings from the Cohort 1 Planning Process

In 2017, the Barr Foundation launched Engage New England (ENE), an initiative that provides a unique opportunity for local education agencies to plan for and develop innovative schools designed to serve students off track to high school graduation.

SRI Education, the research partner for the ENE initiative, captured the learnings from the planning process through interviews, classroom observations, and student focus groups conducted during March and April 2018. This brief focuses on lessons learned during the initial Understand and Design phases of work. The findings in this brief are based on the reflections of the school and design leaders and staff members involved in the design process as well as Springpoint staff members who supported the design process.

This brief is designed to benefit all three cohorts of ENE grantees as they plan and build their schools and to highlight key elements of planning for innovative school models.

Project: Evaluation of the Engage New England Initiative



Cassidy, L., Ammah-Tagoe, N., Caspary, K., Warner, M., & Adelman, N. (2018). Study of the Engage New England initiative, cross-site learning brief 1: Learnings from the cohort 1 planning process. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International